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smart home services

Get Quick and Easy Smart Home Installation and Upgrades

When you add smart home features to your home, you can conveniently control your heating and cooling system, your lights, your security system, your entertainment system, and even your pet feeding obligations with the touch of a few buttons. This is because homes equipped with smart home technology feature internet-connected devices. When connected this way, devices in the home can communicate with each other. Homeowners can also access these items remotely, through their phones. So, with smart home upgrades, no matter where you are, you can ensure that everything in your house is secure and running smoothly.

Here are five specific reasons to consider smart home installation and upgrades from Lakepointe Electric.

  1. You can instantly lock and unlock your doors from anywhere.

    With the right smart home upgrades, you never have to worry about forgetting to lock your doors or misplacing your keys again. You know how it goes – you’re halfway to work, and suddenly you realize that the back door is unlocked. But, with smart home connectivity, instead of going back and making yourself late, you can hit a button on your smart phone and know that your home is secure. Or, if your teenaged child loses their key, you can easily get them inside without dropping everything and rushing home.

  2. Lighting controls are always accessible.

    If you have a meeting that goes over into evening or unexpected dinner plans come up, you can turn your lights on to deter would-be home invaders from wherever you are. You can also shut lights off to save money on electricity bills if forget to turn off a lamp or closet light before leaving for vacation. Even if you just go to bed and then remember than you’ve left the laundry room light on, you don’t have to trek down to the basement to fix the issue.

  3. Remote thermostat control can save you money.

    While everyone is out of the house for the day, you can turn down the thermostat during the winter or shut of the air conditioning in the summer. Then, before your family’s return, you can set the temperature back to the perfect spot and enjoy a comfortable environment when you walk in the door. This allows you to save money on your gas or electric bill while never being too hot or too cold within the home.

  4. You can simplify home security.

    Again, smart home upgrades allow you to control lights and locks remotely, and through this connectivity, you can also keep tabs on your security system. You can control alarms or cameras from the convenience of your smart phone and check in whenever you want. This gives you more peace of mind whenever you’re away, even if you’re gone for an extended time.

  5. Little conveniences add up to create a more enjoyable lifestyle.

    Finally, little things like an easily scheduled fresh pot of coffee first thing in the morning or knowing that your favorite TV show will start playing whenever you want are nice little conveniences. Or, with the right connections, you can instantly feed your pet or start up your own dinner while engaged in another activity. You can save time and upgrade your lifestyle by making a few simple and affordable changes with smart home upgrades and installation from Lakepointe Electric.

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