Which Generator Will Fit My Needs?

Monday, February 10, 2020
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Which Generator Will Fit My Needs?


10- & 12-kW Standby Generator System


The 10kW1 standby generator is a home generator that brings peace of mind to your family during a power outage.  Intended for smaller-scale homes, the 10kW1 generator still packs plenty of power so the simple circuits and appliances in your home stay on during an outage.


With the 12kW1 home generator, keep the warmth of your family and power the basics that can get you through a power outage.  Intended for smaller-and-medium-scale homes, this generator still packs plenty of power.  The ease of this machine allows simple circuits and small appliances in your home to remain on and functional during an outage.


17- & 20-kW Standby Generator System


The 17kW1 home generator effortlessly provides the power your medium-to-large-scale home needs in the event of a power outage.  Within seconds, this emergency generator powers through severe weather, local grid failures and sudden shorts in power.


A perfect fit for any home, the 20kW1 standby generator powers all the electrical needs of a home effectively and efficiently.  This residential generator is stronger yet – keeping your family safe, comfortable, and free from the stress that comes with power outages.


30-200 kW Standby Generator Systems


These are the generators that our customers use ranging from large-scale homes and small-to-large-scale businesses.  By operating with natural gas, liquid propane vapor or standard backup power, this class of generators have an understated power prepared for power outages.


If you’re in need of a generator that must endure increasing electrical demands, then we recommend investing in a generator with 30-or-more kW of power source.  For instance, a large-scale workspace, like a construction site, might benefit from a high-powered generator.  As some construction projects don’t often have electrical outlets at the ready, a generator allows for no lost time at work utilizing power tools and other electrical machinery.


Contact Lakepointe Electric for Complete Generator Install Assistance


Our licensed electricians provide residential and commercial generators to all properties, builders, homeowners and businesses that are in the market for a generator back-up power system.  Whether the job is simple or a little bit more complex, our generator technicians will carefully handle your generator through maintenance, setup, wiring, replacements, and installs.  We sell, service, and install Briggs & Stratton, Generac, and Kohler generators.


If you’re unsure as to which generator to purchase, please know that we are always here to help you.  You can trust Lakepointe Electric as the leading commercial and residential electricians to solve those issues that arise while you search for a new home generator.


For more information about generators, generator installation or other electrical safety hazards, call Lakepointe Electric at (586) 204-8121 or reach out to us through the contact form on our website.  We are your trusted licensed electricians for installing a generator and additional emergency electrical services Macomb County.