Outdoor Lighting Work for Spring 2020!

Friday, April 10, 2020
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As winter comes to a close, in comes the spring, and spring-cleaning mode!  Along with the duties of spring cleaning comes other to-dos on the list to be checked off.  One of them should be monitoring your business or home electrical work to see if anything needs to be updated.

Though, you should keep in mind not to just attempt DIY electric wiring alone, or at least without the advice of a licensed professional.  Sure, simple fixes like battery replacements, light bulb replacements, and installing new light fixtures are fairly simple tasks for the everyday handyperson.  However, home-and-business owners alike should know the dangers of attempting to work on complex electrical wiring on their own.  For instance, one small error could mean the difference in a possible fix to the issue, or worse: a fire or major hazard awaits.

That is why, for this spring, we want you to know that Lakepointe Electric is here to help!  For all your upcoming home projects, trust the best local electrician to get the job done right!  To help you get started, we want to put together a brief list of jobs that we recommend be performed by a professional:

Upgrade or Replace Electrical Panel

Have your appliances or lighting suddenly turned off and on before?  Concerned about your circuit breakers tripping too often?  Electrical overload is an issue that happens when a single circuit is overcompensated with power.  Then, a short circuit occurs when electrical components, such as wires, accidentally interfere with one another.

As our homes include more devices and implementations to power, our electrical panels must be able to adapt.  Therefore, homeowners will increase the capacity of their electrical panels in order to support our electronics for one main reason:


Safety concerns.  The majority of houses, especially in-and-around Detroit, contain fuse boxes and electrical work dating decades back.  Unfortunately, the potential for these boxes to produce a fire hazard is exponential in comparison to newer models.  As the older wiring tries to adapt to more power, the wires tend to heat up and give way to a fire hazard.  Therefore, a new circuit breaker or service panel enables additional capacity throughout your home to power those new installations.


New Appliances or Gadgets?  Schedule an Inspection!

A comprehensive wiring inspection pre-and-post-renovation is a way to ensure your home or business is operable and safe.  Routine electrical maintenance is a recommended means to make sure you don’t run into any unexpected headaches or potential dangers on your own.  We have outlined some reasons as to why you should have your home or business inspected:

  1. Having undergone a renovation
  2. Buying new appliances or in-home devices
  3. If your home or business was previously owned
  4. The lights and appliances turn on and off frequently
  5. If you encounter short fuses often
  6. Outlets don’t work, and/or outlets/faceplates are hot to the touch
  7. Corrosion, water exposure, or rust buildup around the panel
  8. Extension cords or power strips are constantly overused

Although it can be fun to redesign your home or tackle some home improvements yourselves, please remember that thorough electrical work requires comprehensive review and inspection.  If you have any questions about this process, feel free to give us a call!  Most importantly, whatever you decide to do, please know that we are always here to help you.  You can trust Lakepointe Electric as the leading commercial and residential electrician to make sure that your home or business is up to code and working smoothly.

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