Financing Your New Generator

Thursday, May 14, 2020
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Power outages are unexpected hazards that can leave you and your family in limbo.  Without power supply, indoor-and-outdoor lighting goes out, food in the refrigerator spoils, heat and air conditioning units won’t operate, among other issues.


Overall, on average, the United States alone will experience 3,000 power outages per year.  This can be especially troublesome during extreme weather conditions or ongoing stay-at-home orders like with COVID-19.  Home generators are able to relieve the anxieties of not knowing when lost power will turn back on.


Here at Lakepointe Electric, we are currently offering financing on all our new home generators for as low as $99/month!  If you’re thinking about owning a generator, now is the time to buy!  Terms and conditions apply with approved credit on all our generators.


In addition to generator installation services, we accomplish regular generator repair and part replacement services.  Some of our main objectives include energy-efficient lighting installation, troubleshooting circuits, replacing residential and commercial light bulbs, lighting and wiring upgrades, and control fixture installations.  We want to emphasize the significance of conserving your generator, so when electrical emergencies present themselves, you’ll be ready.


With over 20 years of experience, the experts here at Lakepointe Electric are trained to detect any kind of issue with a generator or generator system whilst providing repair and replacement services to your existing generator or generator system. You can trust us to equip your generator to last for years and years to come!


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