Why You Should Install Recessed Lighting

Monday, July 20, 2020
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Whether you are remodeling a kitchen or putting some lighting upgrades in your living room, adding recessed lighting provides both ambiance and convenience to any room.  Recessed lighting, or also known as can lighting, gives your space a fresh look of modernity.

If you want to free up some physical and visual space in your rooms, recessed lighting is your best option.  For larger rooms, like eat-in kitchens, recessed lighting is perfect to add all the lighting you need.  New home lighting systems with recessed lighting take no space away from your room, provide plenty of illumination, and can come with adjustable settings.

If you are doing some home renovations, take a look at some of the reasons why recessed lighting will add so much value to your home:

Energy Efficiency

For cost-effective and environmentally-friendly homeowners, recessed light installation – especially AT- and IC-rated can lighting – are the way to go.  Many original light fixtures are simply outdated and wasteful.  IC-rated canisters have insulation installed above the light to keep heat circulation stored.  AT-rated canisters are installed with an airtight fit in the ceiling, allowing heat to remain in the room without escape.  After your recessed ceiling lights installation, you will notice a big difference in both your home energy and HVAC bills.

Streamlined for Bigger Space

Considering home lighting like floor lamps that take up space, recessed lighting makes your rooms look and feel so much bigger as a result.  By streamlining your room lighting to one purpose, such as recessed lights, you can free up a lot of space that floor lamps and additional side tables and table lamps take up.  Because of the ceiling installation, ceiling lights create the illusion that the space in the room is a lot bigger.  This is when you can rearrange your furniture and accessorize the space to better fit the amount of light that is now being projected.

Illuminate Accents or Artwork

If you have a stunning piece of art or intricate wood accents you want to be highlighted, installing ceiling lights is one of the best options for you.  To get the most emphasis out of these details, installing ceiling lighting above these areas of your home will certainly give you the ambiance you are looking for.  If your dining room or study has beautiful, classic wood trim throughout, these usually darkly-lit rooms can now be fully appreciated and loved by you and your house guests.


Taking from the last benefit of illuminating accents or artwork, recessed lighting brings personalization into the equation, as well.  In addition to different angles and dim settings, there are things like wall washing trim lighting that truly add an interesting design to any room.  Wall washing is an effect that you can customize for a specific area of your home, like a nook, staircase, or art display.  The trims in the canisters from which the light is shone are customized with directional reflectors that cast light onto the walls or spaces.  If you want to opt for a more traditional look, canned lights make this very simple.  With a simple canned light installation, you can pick which areas of the ceiling you would like the lights to be installed.  Then, from there, you can personalize your rooms to get the most out of your new lighting!

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