Benefits of Briggs and Stratton Generators from Lakepointe Electric

Friday, November 16, 2018
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Benefits Enjoyed by Consumers Who Purchase Briggs and Stratton Generators from Lakepointe Electric

Lakepointe Electric carries Briggs and Stratton Generators exclusively for several reasons. While brands like Generac dominate the home standby generator aisles at big-box stores, we prefer Briggs and Stratton. At Lakepointe Electric, we believe in providing only the best products and services to our clients. Therefore, when Michigan residents trust us with their generator purchases and installation, we confidently promote the benefits offered by Briggs and Stratton Generators.

Why the Generator Professionals at Lakepointe Electric Prefer Briggs and Stratton Generators

Residential generators serve an important purpose in the lives of Michiganders. When the power goes out, home standby generators kick in and allow residents to continue with their routines. Generators give individuals the ability to keep perishable foods from spoiling and the heat on during winter months. So, naturally, when people rely so heavily on generators, they require the most reliable products available.

Here are the reasons why the experts at Lakepointe Electric believe that home standby generators from Briggs and Stratton offer the most value for the money.

  • Many generator models from Briggs and Stratton rank highly on “Top Residential Generators” lists published by reputable reviewers.
  • Surprisingly, Briggs and Stratton home standby generators are typically more affordable than the most popular Generac generators.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes, our customers can purchase small Briggs and Stratton generators that produce 10,000-12,000 watts of energy, and these models are perfect for smaller homes and condominiums.
  • Speaking of limited space, residential generators from Briggs and Stratton can normally be installed within 18 inches from homes. This is great news for Southeast Michigan residents with small yards.
  • Warranties included with Briggs and Stratton generators feature 5-10 years of coverage.

To find out more about home standby generators from Briggs and Stratton, contact a knowledgeable and friendly customer service representative from Lakepointe Electric.

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