Why Should You Own a Home Generator?

Friday, February 1, 2019
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Power outages can cause quite a few problems for you and your family. They can cause the foods in your refrigerator to spoil, some hazards when it comes to walking through your home in the dark, and even keeping the heat or air conditioning on in extreme weather conditions. They can be considered inconvenient, at best. Home generators can create tolerable living arrangements when the power goes out. If you are on the fence about purchasing a home generator, here are a few reasons you should commit to the purchase:


The weather is uncontrollable. Extreme weather conditions can be the cause of the majority of your power outages. In cases like this, a power outage can last upwards of 24 hours.


Sump pump and well water pumps are run by electricity. If the power goes out and you have well water, you lose the capability to have clean water for drinking, bathing, and heating. A sump pump is no longer capable of keeping a basement dry in the event of a flood – which means that you lose the ability to protect against water damage in those areas. Losing power could have a decent effect on your control over water in many different ways.


Foods in your refrigerator can spoil within hours when a power outage happens. It is suggested perishable foods are thrown away after a refrigerator has been without power for four hours. A generator would allow the refrigerator to stay powered throughout the outage and save all your perishable items.


It is also a good thing to note that generators aren’t just for emergencies. Portable generators can be used for many different scenarios (camping, portable power tools, and outdoor events are a few examples). It makes a power supply more convenient than you would think.


Home generators come in a variety of types and sizes that would fit your needs. Having a reliable power supply, whether it’s for emergencies or not, can be very helpful. Contact Lakepointe Electric today to discuss which generator is right for you. (586)930-5653