What Kind of Generator Should You Buy?

Tuesday, April 30, 2019
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Many people experience power outages at least once a year. When this happens, it causes a major inconvenience. Not only because your electricity is gone, but it could even mean that tons of food in your refrigerator will go to waste as well. It is recommended that after 4 hours of a power outage, you begin to monitor the temperature of the inside of your fridge. Most perishable foods will need to be thrown out after two more hours. One way to prevent nuisances like this is to purchase a generator. There are three main types of generators: Home Standby, Large Inverter, and Portable generators.

Home Standby generators are usually installed next to your home permanently. They kick on automatically when the power goes out in order to avoid interrupting currents. They can power everything in your home at the same time – up to their maximum energy output. Once it is installed by a professional, you won’t need to connect cables, flip a switch, or start the engine when the power goes out. It is the most convenient option for power outages. They can run on natural gas or propane.

Large inverters typically produce enough energy to run your refrigerator, lights, and other essentials like your furnace or a small central air conditioning unit. They are quiet and can be connected to your breaker panel or hardwired equipment like a well pump. They cannot run on propane or natural gas, only stabilized gasoline.

Portable generators typically cost the least out of these three options, though they are the loudest. Some models produce enough energy to meet all the power demands in your home. They connect through your breaker panel and can connect to hardwired equipment through a transfer switch. These should not be used without protection during rain or snowstorms.

Even though you have probably figured out what kind of generator you need now, there are still many different options for each of these kinds of generators that allow you to choose how powerful you need it to be. Call Lakepointe Electric today to discuss the best option for you! (586) 204-8429