Why You Should Hire a Licensed Electrician

Wednesday, June 12, 2019
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There are some things you just shouldn’t attempt a DIY project with, and electricity is one of them. You can read every book on becoming an electrician or have a friend who says that they know what they are doing, but there are so many disasters that can take place if the project is not done correctly. For instance, it could potentially start a fire and cause severe damage to your home or even burn your house down. This is not a risk you would want to take.

Your time is valuable. The last thing you would want is to finish an electricity project and find out that it isn’t up to code or cause more issues in your home. This would mean that you would either need to do the project over again or hire an electrician to complete it properly. This would waste your time, money, and resources.

Which brings us to your next point – cost. You may believe that you’re saving money with an unlicensed electrician, but that really won’t be the case if you have the complete the project wrong. Of course, if this happens it will need to be done twice and you will likely have to pay for it to be corrected or pay to have your home repaired.

Safety is another true concern when hiring an unlicensed electrician. As stated earlier, bad wiring or cheap materials could cost you your home. Your insurance company may not cover you if they find that you hired an unlicensed electrician, but it doesn’t end there. A fire could injure a loved one or even your pets in the house at the time that it occurs, and you may not be able to replace certain valuables like heirlooms or photos that were lost. It’s just not worth risking everything.

All these things should be taken into serious consideration when hiring an electrician. A licensed electrician can stand behind their work, offer a warranty, and is insured for these projects. Don’t bother with the frustration that comes along with hiring an unlicensed electrician. Call Lakepointe Electric today to discuss your needs for an electrician.

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