Reasons to Use a Generator

Tuesday, July 2, 2019
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While most people often think that the generator's main use is to supply power during a power outage, they are used for so much more. There are many industries that use generators and rely on them heavily. This article will discuss a few different things that electric generators are used for.

Home Generators for Backup Power

This one may seem the most obvious, but it is often underestimated how important it is. Studies have shown that on average, there are more than 3,000 power outages a year in the United States alone. By having a backup generator for your home, you could save your food from spoiling during a power outage, protect your electronics from a power surge when the power comes back on, be able to heat your home if your power goes out in the winter, and much more.

Backup Power for Your Business

Downtime can cost a lot for your business. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, having a generator will allow you to keep your business running in the event of a power outage. Electric generators can also help you backup and restore important files if an unpredicted power outage occurs – saving you tons of time and money, in the long run, trying to recreate files or restore them.

Power for Construction Sites

Main power supplies are not always available when contractors begin working at their site. This means that now power tools would be able to run without a generator and no progress could be made on the project. They would be completely unable to carry out their daily tasks, which makes a generator a necessity for most contractors to own for the success of their projects.

A Camping Must-Have

Many people throughout the United States love to go camping. Generators are becoming an essential tool for this group, because it can provide them with just enough electricity to add festive lights around the campground in a remote location, to power an electric stove in order to cook food or other small to medium-sized appliances like hairdryers, microwaves, mobile phone chargers, showers, fans or air conditioning.

Festivals and Other Events

Large festivals and concerts are typically located in rural areas where main power supplies aren’t accessible. Generators are often used to power lighting equipment, sound systems, and other staging equipment.
Outdoor Catering Facilities

The gorgeous outdoor wedding venues that are becoming more and more popular use generators. This allows them to power their electric ovens, fans, freezers, lights, music, and other essential tools. This allows them to keep all of their guests comfortable and provide unique services that would otherwise be lost outdoors.

There are many different industries that use generators, they aren’t just for backup power sources. Lakepointe Electric carries some of the highest quality, and most reliable generators you can find. Give us a call today to discuss your generator needs. (586) 204-8421