Upkeeping Your Home Standby Generator

Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Regular maintenance and repairs is a common thing in any household or business.  From annual oil changes for your car to winterizing pools, nothing is different when it comes to upkeeping your commercial generator system.  Here at Lakepointe, we can schedule regular preventative maintenance checkups to ensure all the wiring and filters are still running like they should.

When installing a generator in your home or business, they will need proper and frequent checkups, just to be sure they can perform the job they were bought to do!  Being in the middle of an electric outage with a fully-capable generator will not only be frustrating, but it can be dangerous.  And with the frequent rain and snow coming this fall and winter, there is no time like the present to ensure your generator is in proper condition.

Along with generator installation services, we perform regular generator repair and replacement services.  Some of our main services include installing energy-efficient lighting, troubleshooting circuits, replace existing light bulbs, air and fuel filter replacements, control panel readings and installing new control fixtures, and other inspections.  We want to stress the importance of maintaining your generator so that you can use it precisely when you need it.

Home standby generators are perfect additions to any home and are one of those utilities you barely know is there.  However, as with most items in the home related to electricity, there are certain risks associated with generators.  This is why we do not recommend doing a generator checkup or generator repairs on your own.  There always remains a chance that a home or business owner may incur bodily harm with an amateur repair.  So, ultimately, it is always better to seek professional assistance if you have any doubts about wiring, filter replacements, and other inspections.

One more important note to add is the importance of what your generator will generate electricity for in case of an outage.  Yes, of course, your generator powers your electricity and home appliances back on during an outage.  Though, generators do a lot more than just that!  If there is a power outage, things like your sump pump will dysfunction.  That means that your basement will not remain dry for very long due to the pump running on energy to process the pump.  Your garage door, should it be an automatic garage door, will not function, and can potentially keep you from driving your car.  These are just a couple of examples of things people might not think about as well as attesting to the need of maintaining their generator.

If you have any questions about generators and what maintenance these machines might need, don’t hesitate to ask one of our trained electricians all there is to know about generator installations.  We will walk you through step-by-step to ensure you understand the importance of these very powerful machines and why you might need one!

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