How Investing in Smart Home Installation Can Save You Money

Thursday, July 12, 2018
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Should you invest in “Smart” upgrades for your home? More and more Americans are embracing the idea of a connected home – and not just tech-lovers who want the latest and greatest in everything. Many cost-conscious homeowners have done the math and realized that investing in smart devices right now could save them a lot of money down the road. And Lakepointe Electric is the go-to source for smart home upgrades and installation in Southeast Michigan. We can quickly and efficiently install new products or retrofit your existing devices and appliances to create the perfect Smart Home for you and your family.

Five Ways that Smart Home Installation Can Save You Money Down the Road

In case you’re on the fence about whether or not you want to invest in Smart Home installation, here are five ways in which these upgrades can save you money in the future.

1 – Energy-Efficient LED Lights Cut Electricity Bills.

According to, you can save approximately $35 per year, per bulb, when you replace halogen light bulbs with LED lights. LED lights also last longer than traditional bulbs.

2 – Energy-Efficient Thermostats Save You Money on Heating and Cooling Bills.

Smart thermostats monitor your home environment and make recommendations on temperature changes. You can also control these devices from your smartphone and turn off the heat or air conditioner when the house is empty.

3 – Remote Power Management Means You Won’t Waste Energy in Your Absence.

Speaking of remote access, when your lights are connected to your mobile device, if you forget to turn a light off before leaving the house, you can shut it down while en route to your job, the grocery store, or your vacation destination.

4 – Smart Devices Allow you to Monitor Energy Costs and Plan Accordingly.

Many smart devices provide users with data that helps them locate issues that are costing them money. So, if it seems like your electric bill is too high, you can easily track heavy usage times during a typical day and make necessary alterations.

5 – You Can Secure a Connected Home Without Paying for a Security Monitoring Service.

Because you can access most smart home devices from your phone, you can turn the lights on while on a family trip to make it look like you’re home. You can also remotely control locks and even set up sensors that will alert you if a lock is manipulated in your absence. You can even set up motion sensors to let you know if anyone is in or around your home while you’re away.


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