Home Renovations in High Demand This Year!

Thursday, February 18, 2021
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Homeowners seek to upgrade existing features in their homes for a variety of reasons.  From upgrading outdated fixtures to installing new energy efficient lighting, remodeling a home can mean a much better return on your investment, especially when you go to sell.


After what might be the worst year on record for many, Lakepointe Electric is forecasting that homeowners will be more willing than ever to add some new touches to their homes.  Considering things like home-price appreciation, existing home sales, the age of the home, and others, home renovations were one of the few consumer activities going on once the pandemic hit last year.


Seeing as how shockingly strong the home renovations market has been in the last year, Lakepointe Electric wants you to keep up on this trend, and make the most out of what could mean more money in your pocket at the time of resale.


Now, let’s be honest, home renovations are pricey.  If you’re remodeling a kitchen or remodeling a bathroom, things like flooring, countertops and appliances are big expenditures whether there is a better incentive going around or not.  Though, the value added to your home is even higher than it normally would be.  For instance, data shows that remodeling your kitchen and bathroom together will pump up the value of a home by approximately 27 percent!


But, not everyone is cut out for a lengthy and expensive journey of large-scale home renovations.  That is why smaller-scale renovations, such as improving or replacing lighting, are one of the best ways to still bring a new vibe to your home.  In fact, throughout the latter half of 2020, many homeowners saw the value within their properties go up by 25 percent or more through simpler home improvements.


Furthermore, there is a reason in how demand will increase the duration of the home improvement surge.  Bookings for home improvement specialists and contractors like Lakepointe Electric are coming in more and more.  Even though some homeowners stuck at home want to accomplish home improvements themselves, many are opting to seek professional experience to get the jobs they want to be done right.  Especially for bigger jobs like installing a generator or rewiring a home entirely, professional contractors are always here to assist you, even when demand is so high.


Lakepointe Electric: Commercial & Residential Electricians Near Warren, MI


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