Why Do I Need a Generator in My Home or Business?

Thursday, April 8, 2021
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With the spring here, and the upcoming storm season is upon us, Michigan homes and businesses will be susceptible to power outages during a severe storm or mass outage.  Should the utility power be compromised for whatever reason, you will be left with no lights, spoiled food, and no air conditioning for what could possibly be days.

Standby generator systems are the resource you can rely on during any kind of utility outage in the area.  With their high-powered abilities, standby generators make it easy for home and business owners to continue their activities without worrying about loss of power.

So, if you are thinking about getting a generator installed, you might be wondering a few things about what these machines can do.  Let Lakepointe Electric walk you through some basic things about standby generators to help you understand why you might need one at home or at your business.

What is a backup standby generator exactly?

An automatic backup generator is a backup electrical system that operates whether you are home or away.  Within seconds of an outage, it will automatically supply power to the electrical circuit breaker box of your home directly.  After the utility power is restored, the generator will shut itself off and “standby" for the next outage.  These systems operate on natural gas or liquid propane gas and are installed outside just like an air conditioning unit.

What is the difference between a standby generator and a portable one?

A backup standby generator provides advantages during a power outage over a portable generator, including:


  • Recommendations from the American Red Cross say to have a permanent backup generator installation.  This is a safe means of providing backup power to a business or home than any kind of portable generator on the market.
  • With an automatic generator properly installed, your home or business is protected from deadly carbon monoxide poisoning that is a much greater risk with portable generators.
  • Natural gas or LP fuel supply is less expensive to run than gasoline. Plus, sources such as natural gas do not need to be refilled.
  • Automatic start within seconds of a power outage.  These systems remove the need to transport a heavy portable generator outside or run extension cords throughout your home.
  • Provides 24/7 protection, whether you are at home, at work, or on vacation, and they automatically turn off when the power returns, so there is no need to monitor the unit during an outage.


Do I need generator maintenance on a regular basis?

Standby generators require frequent maintenance to provide maximum performance for years of reliable service.  You can schedule maintenance appointments right here at Lakepointe Electric.  From simple filter changes to electrical service on the backend of the generator, you can trust that your generator will be up and running exactly when you need it.  To ensure the performance is always reliable, we recommend you have your generator serviced every six months by one of our licensed electricians.

Will I need to make sure the generator turns on during a storm?

Due to the risk of an outage, your generator will automatically start itself without a delay.  Never again worry about your food spoiling, the heat or air conditioning stops, and all your electronic devices and appliances shutting off.  As soon as an outage occurs, rest assured the high-powered electricity from your new generator will keep the lights on!

Lakepointe Electric: Commercial & Residential Electricians Near Shelby Township, MI

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Here at Lakepointe Electric, we offer to finance our new home generators for as low as $99/month!  If you have recently thought of owning a generator, now is a perfect time before storm season starts!

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