Get Your Pool Ready for the Upcoming Summer!

Friday, April 30, 2021
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Summer is within our reach, and those of us with a pool are getting it cleaned and prepped to enjoy this hot season.  In some cases, rewiring a pool is necessary, especially if the pool is several years old and still operating on all its original wiring upon installation.  Plus, some homeowners may be thinking of doing a little TLC to their pool, like new cement or tile surround, updating sun-faded furniture, and, of course, upgrading the pool lighting.

If you are having issues with getting your pool or other outdoor lighting to work properly, a professional electrician with experience wiring pools can troubleshoot your hot tub or pool wiring issues and properly diagnose the issue.  In addition, unlike do-it-yourself fixes, the pros would not damage your hot tub or cancel the manufacturer's warranties.

Furthermore, they have the knowledge and skills to safely repair your pool or hot tub without electrocuting themselves!  You should enable our electricians to get your pool or hot tub in perfect working order as soon as possible if you have any kind of pool or hot tub wiring needs.

Here is a brief list of outdoor lighting applications we can perform here at Lakepointe Electric!

  • Outdoor Lighting (Porch, Patio, Driveway, Decorative, etc.)
  • Pool Area Wiring & Pool Lighting
  • Hot Tub, Jacuzzi & Spa Wiring & Lighting
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment
  • Weatherproof Plugs

It is important to note that although you may have a friend that does electrical work on the side, you should stay away from any DIY electrical that gets a little more complicated, or at least without the advice of a licensed professional.  Sure, simple fixes like battery replacements, light bulb replacements, and installing new light fixtures are fairly simple tasks for the everyday handyperson.  However, homeowners should not attempt any complicated wiring outdoors either without knowing the necessary protocol first or without the advice of an electrician from Lakepointe.

Ultimately, professionals should be in charge of maintaining the hot tub, spa, and pool wiring and lighting.  If you're having problems with wiring, you should seek out assistance from one of our licensed electricians.  It's not worth risking your life fiddling with a highly dangerous mix of energy and water.

Lakepointe Electric: Commercial & Residential Electricians Near Shelby Township, MI

With over 20 years of experience, Lakepointe Electric is one of the best local electrician companies because we are trained to provide the best lighting expertise in the area.  From installing recessed lighting to pool wiring and standby generator repairs, you can trust us to equip your home with the best lighting solutions.

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