Should You Buy a Standby Generator?

Thursday, August 26, 2021
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One moment, you’re sitting on the couch after dinner watching TV, enjoying your nice cool air conditioning. The next, your whole home goes dark. You’re probably thinking, “I wish I had a generator right now.” Now, you’re stuck in the dark with the summer heat or winter cold creeping in. Plus, any food you have in the fridge and freezer is at risk of spoiling if the problem isn’t fixed soon, which could be a big waste of money. If like anyone, you would rather not lose power at all, then you should look into getting a standby generator.

What is a standby generator?

A standby generator is one that is ready to kick in as soon as your home’s power goes out. It could keep you from losing power at all, or else it will only take about 30 seconds to turn on and restore your power. Standby generators are powered by gas like propane or natural gas rather than electricity, and they are connected to a gas line.

Unlike a portable generator that you have to turn on yourself, a standby generator uses a transfer switch to turn itself on as soon as power from the electrical grid cuts off.

How much money will a standby generator cost?

A standby generator won’t be cheap, especially if you want one that will provide power for your entire home. Residential standby generators themselves range from $1,250 to $7,000, and you’ll also have to pay for installation which averages around $4,000. If you’re planning to power a commercial property, the cost will scale up with the amount of electricity you need to generate.

If that seems too steep of a charge, you can pay less if you’re willing to only provide power for essential things, like your refrigerator and a few other appliances. The best way to cut down on power usage from your generator is to not power your air conditioning, which requires a lot of electricity.

Should I get a portable generator instead?

It depends on the level of convenience you want and the amount of electricity you need. While the high end of portable generators usually reaches only $2,000, there are limitations. Portable generators generate much less power, so you would only be able to power the most essential things in your home.

In terms of convenience, portable generators are much more work. You’ll have to hook up intrusive extension cords throughout your home. Plus, you don’t connect a portable generator to the gas line, so you’ll also have to consistently refuel them manually so that they don’t cut out. The biggest drawback of portable generators is that they have more risk of not working properly and letting out harmful carbon monoxide that can poison your air.

Who should have a standby generator?

Anyone can reap the benefits of a standby generator, but there are some instances where they are especially useful. For homeowners who often experience power outages, you can make back the money you’ve spent on the generator in a reasonable amount of time by preventing spoiled food waste alone.

Also, if you or someone you care for needs the support of medical equipment that requires electricity, a standby generator will take a lot of stress off your mind. Finally, for those working for home, a standby generator will eliminate the annoyance of having to pack up your things and look for an open spot at a coffee shop.

For commercial property owners, a standby generator can be a huge plus. Especially for those in a power outage-prone area, standby generators add a new level of convenience and value for your tenants. If you frequently get power outages, then a standby generator could draw in higher rates of rent for those who want to avoid losing power.

Do standby generators affect a property’s retail value?

While a standby generator likely won’t increase your property’s value by the full amount that you pay for it, it will increase the value by making your property more desirable. Factoring the amount of money saved by preventing spoilage, you should be able to make your money back.

When it comes to selling a house, a standby generator should make your home sell faster. It’s an added amenity that some buyers look for. Also, there is a chance that your homeowner’s insurance is lowered just by having a standby generator installed.


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