Lighting Trends to Look Out For in 2022

Monday, February 14, 2022
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If you like to keep up with the current trends in style, your choice of lighting can make a huge difference. Not only do different configurations in lighting illuminate the other style choices of what’s in each room, but the lighting fixtures themselves can really bring everything together. If you want to update your home’s lighting, take a look at what’s going to be popular in 2022.

Large, Attention Grabbing Lights

A striking way to refresh the look of a room is with a large chandelier that captures the eye. It doesn’t have to be the traditional round-shaped, crystal chandelier that you’d expect in a ballroom. There are plenty of inventive new styles of chandeliers that can fit into plenty of different kinds of rooms. Chandeliers are no longer restricted to the dining room or hallway; you’ll be able to find one that matches nearly any room you would like.

Simplistic Linear Lights

While more complex lighting still has its place, the contemporary trend is moving toward the simplistic approach. With thin, straight lines, you can accent a room and match it with square, sharp-edged furniture. Plus, since they only need one light fixture they are easier to install and look sleeker.

Toned-Down, Subtle Lighting

Not every lighting scenario calls for bright lights—they can be harsh to the eyes. With more gentle and toned-down lighting, you can wash a room in a calmer glow. This changes the mood of a room, giving more of a natural light feel than one of being under a spotlight. Great for relaxing, subtle lighting turns any room into your favorite spot to sit and watch TV or read a book.

Match Specific Lighting to Each Room

While it may be easier to buy the same kind of lighting for more than one room at a time, you likely won’t be as happy with the outcome. Just like you wouldn’t paint the whole interior of your home the same color, your lighting should match the style of each individual room. Take note of what kind of lighting each room needs individually, and you’ll be much more impressed with how your home’s lighting comes together.

Don’t Rely on One Light Source, Layer Them

Another style of lighting that is easier to put together is a single light source for each room. While this makes things simple, again, if you’re going for style, then you’ll feel like you’re missing something. In a smaller room, it may be unnecessary to have multiple light sources. Even then, you could give yourself some options depending on what you’re doing by only using one light at a time. Reading? Turn on the lamp. Organizing the room or getting dressed? Turn on the overhead light. Layered lighting is especially effective in larger rooms, where you can have more than one kind of light on and have them work together to better each other.

Lakepointe Electric | Residential Lighting Installation

If style is important to you, and you’ve made the effort to make your home your own, then you realize that the planning stage can be much more simple than the execution. When it comes to lighting, the more diverse the lighting options, the more complex the setup will be. To have your home look good and be safe, you need an experienced electrician to help install your lighting. We’ll make sure that everything is safely connected, and that your home’s power grid isn’t being overworked.

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