5 Tips to Prepare Your Outdoor Lighting for Spring

Tuesday, March 1, 2022
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Now that the snow is beginning to melt, you’re probably eyeing that patio and getting excited to enjoy the warm weather with friends and family again. But your lighting, like anything outside, has likely experienced some weathering over those cold, snowy months. If you want your outdoor lighting to be in perfect shape for the coming barbecues and patio hangouts, follow these tips to refresh your outdoor lighting.

Check fixtures for winter damage

First thing’s first, make sure that the snow and ice haven’t caused any serious damage to your lighting. While bulbs and wires are important to check, the most important for your safety is the fixtures. Like a cracked driveway made worse by the ice, your fixtures could have been broken by winter weathering. Check for any cracks in your fixtures. Also, for lighting on the ground, they could’ve been knocked askew by boots or shovels when they were covered with snow. To avoid any dangerous use of these fixtures, make sure they are all in perfect shape and replace any that aren’t.

Clean around your fixtures

With the snow gone, lawn work tends to start up right away. If you’ve added mulch or mowed your lawn, this could throw dirt or mulch into the lighting fixtures that are on or close to the ground. Take a moment to wipe down these fixtures so that they look clean and work properly.

Wipe the lenses

Your lighting lenses could have picked up salt deposits during the winter, dirt during the initial spring yard work, or oxidation throughout that whole time. To keep your lights shining as bright as they should, give each light a quick wipe down.

Make sure all wires are intact

In the time since last spring, there are plenty of ways that a wire could have gotten cut or begun fraying. At best, this means your light just won’t turn on. At worst, it could expose you or your home to dangerous electricity. Mend or replace any damaged wiring before using your outdoor lighting.

Check your lighting timer

If you have a lighting timer, you know how convenient they are. However, we’ve passed through daylight savings time since you last used your outdoor lighting. To make sure your lights turn on and off when you want them to, take a second to reset your outdoor lighting timer.

Lakepointe Electric | Outdoor lighting installation, upgrades & repairs

Electrical work is not something to mess around with, you need to be sure you know exactly what you’re doing if you want to stay safe. If electrical work isn’t your area of expertise, don’t worry. The longtime experts at Lakepointe Electric have all your electrical needs covered. We can help design and install your outdoor lighting for the coming spring and summer, and we can assess your current outdoor lighting for any winter damage and make the necessary repairs. If you’re looking to go a little bigger on your outdoor lighting this year, we can discuss options for improvements and make those upgrades.

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