Smart Home Devices That Will Improve Your Home in 2022

Monday, April 25, 2022
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Smart devices for the household are becoming increasingly popular, as people come to see the benefits they can offer in convenience and safety. It also helps that the technology is becoming cheaper to produce, so consumers don’t have to break the bank to start creating their smart home. There are now smart devices to help you almost everywhere in your house, let’s break down what devices can make your home more convenient and safe in 2022.

Safety at your front door

The first area of your home that can be improved is one that isn’t even within your home. It’s now a common sight to find smart doorbells on many homes today. They allow you to see who’s coming to your door by checking an app on your phone. You can even speak to them through a microphone on the doorbell. This can help to screen people so you can decide if you want to answer the door or not. It also helps you keep an eye on your home when you’re not around. Consider getting a smart lock for your door as well. Smart locks use your phone as a key, unlocking when you move the phone close. This takes away the trouble of digging for your keys or forgetting them in the first place. You can increase the safety factor even further with motion lights. Ring now makes motion lights that go along with your smart doorbell, which can be connected to a system that works together. Plus, they’re easy to install since they are battery-powered.

Convenience in your living room

If you don’t have one yourself, someone you know probably has a smart speaker like an Alexa or Google Assistant. These additions to your living room make controlling your entertainment center easy. You can simply ask a song to be played, what the weather is, or even ask for a joke. A step further than the smart speaker is the smart display. This display is a tablet that acts as a command center for your connected home. It takes the benefits of a smart speaker and adds a touchscreen for extra convenience. You can use a smart display to make video calls, check the video from your smart doorbell at the front door, control the TV, and much more. You can get smart lighting that connects to the smart display, as well as locks and a thermostat that you can control from a touchscreen while sitting on the couch.

Streamline your cooking process in the kitchen

Just like a smart display has plenty of applications in the living room, it can pull its weight in the kitchen, too. It allows you to set timers, add things to shopping lists, play music, and more without having to use messy hands. The next level of convenience in the kitchen can be reached with smart appliances. Smart ovens can now be loaded with cooking presets in terms of temperature, time, and style, so you can push a single button to set up complicated cooking processes. One single smart oven can steam, bake, roast, sous vide, and more. You’ll be making gourmet meals in no time.

Once you’re done cooking, a cleaning robot like a Roomba will take care of some of the cleanups. This means more time relaxing after cooking and enjoying time with your guests or family.

Get a better, more comfortable night’s sleep

Smart air conditioners take care of the classic problem of your bedroom is too cold or too hot for a comfortable sleep. Rather than burying yourself in more and more blankets, or sweating all through the night, you can now have full control of your air conditioner without even getting out of bed. Smart air conditioners can be controlled by voice or app, and you can schedule them as well. That means if you like a cold room while you’re sleeping, you can have it that way while also getting the room to heat up enough in time for you to wake up so you won’t dread getting out of the warmth of your bed.

The current peak of technology to improve your sleep is the smart bed. These are expensive, but they can drastically improve your sleep. They allow for different levels of firmness on each side of the bed, so your partner can have their hard bed while you get the softness you want, or vice versa. You can even get an app that connects to the bed and monitors how long and how well you’ve slept if you’re looking for a way to zero in on when your sleep is being interrupted.

Lakepointe Electric | Expert electricians for repairs & installations

If you’re beginning to upgrade your home and move it’s safety and convenience into the 21st century, you’ll need someone who’s handy with tools and electricity to install your new smart devices. If you aren’t experienced in electrician work, it’s best to find someone who is so your smart devices work the way they should rather than just winging it yourself. Lakepointe Electric has a team of experts who can efficiently install your smart devices to ensure that they do their jobs effectively. Also, if a device stops working, we can fix them. No need to go buy a whole new one, we can likely fix whatever is wrong!

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